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Sarah on CNBC – October 10th, 2017
Posted by: Kris | Date: October 12th 2017 | Categories: Video

Sarah on Rachael Ray – October 10th, 2017
Posted by: Kris | Date: October 12th 2017 | Categories: Talk Show, Video

Sarah to be on Rachael Ray Tuesday!
Posted by: Kris | Date: October 9th 2017 | Categories: Talk Show, Video

She’s back and slaying it in the kitchen! Sarah Michelle Gellar helps one viewer turn baking blunders into wonders! Then, three cooks from classic restaurants in Philly, New York and Chicago test kitchen tools in our latest “Human Lab!” Plus, our buddy Brit Morin has adorably easy fixes for your DIY fails — and Rach cooks up your new favorite dish for fall!

SAP Next-Gen & UN Women Global Event – September 14th, 2017
Posted by: Kris | Date: September 18th 2017 | Categories: Gallery, Public Event, Uncategorized

September 1st: Sarah & Freddie Celebrate 15 Years of Marriage
Posted by: Kris | Date: September 2nd 2017 | Categories: Press

My husband thinks I'm crazy, but I'm not the one who married me. #happyanniversary @realfreddieprinze 15 years!!

A post shared by Sarah Michelle (@sarahmgellar) on

“Girl Talk” Screen Captures Added
Posted by: Kris | Date: August 11th 2017 | Categories: Gallery, Girl Talk, Screen Captures, TV Series

I’ve added screen captures from Girl Talk‘s pilot episode to the gallery.

Gallery Links:
Television Shows > Girl Talk [1989] > Season One > Screen Captures

“MSNBC’s Your Business” – July 16th, 2017
Posted by: Kris | Date: July 17th 2017 | Categories: Interview, Press

Sarah’s Q&A with “The Skimm”
Posted by: Kris | Date: July 10th 2017 | Categories: Interview, Press

What time do you get up? 6:30am.

How many times do you snooze? Never.

Do you snore? Sadly, yes.

What are three things you can’t live without in the AM? Coffee, my kids kisses and snuggles, and coffee.

You have to life swap with one of your characters. You pick: Buffy after she already saved the world, so I could be a super hero without all the pressure lol.

You have a new cookbook. Skimm an easy recipe for us: Foodstirs’ chop chip cookies… you only need two ingredients and 20 minutes.

Favorite line from theSkimm recently?
“7% – The amount of Americans who think chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Classic moo-understanding”

Complete the sentence: Woke up like this: Coffee.

Source: theSkimm on Instagram

I’ve added screen captures from Stone Temple Pilot’s Sour Girl music video to the gallery.

Gallery Links:
Screen Captures > Music Videos > Stone Temple Pilots – Sour Girl [2000]

“Possession” Screen Captures & Artwork Added
Posted by: Kris | Date: June 17th 2017 | Categories: Films, Possession, Screen Captures

I’ve added artwork and screen captures from Possession to the gallery.

Gallery Links:
Films > Possession [2008] > Posters/Artwork
Films > Possession [2008] > Film Screen Captures