Good Morning America – November 18th, 2017

Entrepreneur – Sarah Interview

Virtuous Circle Summit – Internet Association – November 13th, 2017

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Good+ Halloween Bash Red Carpet – October 22, 2017

Sarah’s Target Interview

Craving homemade treats fresh from the oven, but don’t love spending hours in the kitchen—or baking from a box? Turns out from scratch can be easy and kits can be chock-full of goodness. Say hello to Foodstirs by Sarah Michelle Gellar. This new line of family-and-planet-friendly baking mixes are quick, easy, organic, non-GMO and deliciously simple. The scrumptious collection’s now

“MSNBC’s Your Business” – July 16th, 2017

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Sarah’s Q&A with “The Skimm”

What time do you get up? 6:30am. How many times do you snooze? Never. Do you snore? Sadly, yes. What are three things you can’t live without in the AM? Coffee, my kids kisses and snuggles, and coffee. You have to life swap with one of your characters. You pick: Buffy after she already saved the world, so I could Interview: Freddie Prinze Jr. Reveals the Secret to His 14-Year Marriage to Sarah Michelle Gellar

Freddie definitely has a great partner to raise his children with. He and Sarah first met on the set of I Know What You Did Last Summer and started dating three years later. Since tying the knot in 2002, the two have made us melt with their sweet family moments and enduring love. So, what exactly is the key to

Rockets of’s Interview with Sarah

Sarah Michelle Gellar has been slaying it. Nope, not vampires in a Buffy movie (much to her fan club’s dismay) – she was perfecting recipes for her brand new cookbook, Stirring Up Fun With Food. In case you’re scratching your head right now, let us back up a bit. A few years ago, Sarah launched a super-fun line of healthy

Journal Sentinel: ‘Buffy’ Actress Stirs Up Fun in the Kitchen

How much of this new food venture is inspired by being a parent and trying to raise healthy, adventurous eaters? Every ounce of it. It was a combination of that and also wanting to be a present parent. I love being an actress, but they’re 18- and 19-hour days that involve a lot of travel. My (business) partner Galit and