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I’ve added a set of old All My Children promotional photos from 1993.

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I’ve added photos of Sarah’s photoshoot for Entrepreneur Magazine to the gallery.

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I’ve added photos of Sarah at LinkedIn Headquarters to the gallery.

Gallery Links:
Photoshoot Sessions > 2017 > LinkedIn Studios Shoot – December 15th

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I have added Sarah’s most recent shoot for US Weekly to the gallery. Click Here to read the article.

Gallery Links:
Photoshoot Sessions > 2017 > US Weekly Shoot (Marc Royce)

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I’ve added some of the photos from Entertainment Weekly’s Buffy reunion photoshoot to the gallery!

Gallery Links:
Photoshoot Sessions > 2017 > Entertainment Weekly Shoot

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Sarah Michelle Gellar was far more adorable than we ever expected – and we expected a lot. We haven’t really gotten over her badass Buffy days, and why should we? The show made up so much of our childhood, as did movies likeCruel Intentions where Gellar also played a fan favorite (and okay, super evil) vixen.

Now, the actress is taking on a new field – food – with her new companyFoodstirs, which offers convenient and healthy ways to bring families together in the kitchen. The company provides tasty baking products and kits that also aim at a healthier lifestyle, which is why Gellar is telling Betty Crocker to get out of her way (the same way she told Reese Witherspoon).

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

My ideal food day would be a day where I could eat as much as I wanted and calories didn’t count. There would definitely be lots of coffee, lots of sushi and fresh fish, some pasta and a generous amount of dark chocolate. I am extremely fortunate that my husband – who is an excellent chef – is working on a cookbook and I “help him” by tasting (eating) everything.

A beauty mainstay that hasn’t changed since your Buffy years…

Honestly, I don’t care what they say about smiling causing wrinkles, happiness is my key to everything. Glowing definitely works from the inside out. That being said, water, keeping yourself moving, and sleep are definitely important.

Advice you’d give your younger self…

I think that no matter what, my advice would definitely fall on deaf ears, but it would be to appreciate the little moments, to stop and enjoy life a bit more. I think in my twenties I kept thinking I had my whole life ahead of me, and things could wait. But the truth is, you never know how life can change in an instant; the people that you thought would always be there may not. Now having kids, when they stop on a walk for twenty minutes to look at a leaf, I try and take that time too.


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Photoshoot’s and Portrait Session’s >2015 >Mini
Magazine Scans >2015 >Mini – Fall

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Ive added additional photoshoot outtakes into the gallery.


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