“All My Children” Promotional Shoot Set Added!

I’ve added a set of old All My Children promotional photos from 1993. Television Shows > All My Children (Soap) [1993-2011] > Promotional Photos > Promotional Photoshoots

Entrepreneur Magazine Shoot Photos Added!

I’ve added photos of Sarah’s photoshoot for Entrepreneur Magazine to the gallery. Photoshoot Sessions > 2018 > Entrepreneur Magazine Shoot [2018] by David Yellen

Sarah Visits LinkedIn Headquarters – December 15th

I’ve added photos of Sarah at LinkedIn Headquarters to the gallery. Gallery Links: Photoshoot Sessions > 2017 > LinkedIn Studios Shoot – December 15th

“Us Weekly” Photoshoot

I have added Sarah’s most recent shoot for US Weekly to the gallery. Click Here to read the article. Gallery Links: Photoshoot Sessions > 2017 > US Weekly Shoot (Marc Royce)

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Reunion Photoshoot

I’ve added some of the photos from Entertainment Weekly’s Buffy reunion photoshoot to the gallery! Gallery Links: Photoshoot Sessions > 2017 > Entertainment Weekly Shoot

Interview & Photoshoot For ‘The New Potato’

      Sarah Michelle Gellar was far more adorable than we ever expected – and we expected a lot. We haven’t really gotten over her badass Buffy days, and why should we? The show made up so much of our childhood, as did movies likeCruel Intentions where Gellar also played a fan favorite (and okay, super evil) vixen. Now, the actress is taking

Sarah Covers Mini Magazine Fall – Shoot + Scans Added

     Photoshoot’s and Portrait Session’s >2015 >Mini Magazine Scans >2015 >Mini – Fall

‘Proactiv +’ Shoot & Advertisements


Four new 2014 photoshoots & Portrait sessions added


Photogallery update

Ive added additional photoshoot outtakes into the gallery.